The Simplified Buyers Guide™

Customer Return Policy

The entire purchase price of The Simplified Buyers Guide™ mail order CD shall be fully refundable within 30 days of purchase ( less all shipping and handling charges ) after the Customer has completed the following: has read the Guide in its entirety; has located 10 residential properties for sale with seller financing; has contacted and spoken with 10 sellers; has filled out 1 cash flow sheet for each of the 10 properties; has determined roughly how much cash flow each property will generate on a monthly basis or how much each will lose; has determined the fair market value of rent income the properties should produce each month; has made offers to purchase 1 or more of the 10 properties and has gotten 1 or more counter offers. Upon Customer contacting Customer Service by email and forwarding 1 to 10 individual cash flow sheet pages with all contact information for the properties along with a letter stating that Customer is fully aware that Paul H. may buy 1 or all 10 of the seller financed properties that Customer has researched. Customer must send the letter and cash flow sheets to: Attn: Simplified Buyer's Guide™ - Return, Box 4000, Felton, CA 95018. Customer will then receive a prompt refund. The Digital Download version of the Simplified Buyers Guide is not refundable per PayPal's Digital Download Policy.